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Dirk Marketing Digital Marketing Packages require no work on your part and provide something no one else can — Guaranteed Results!

Unlike others that ask for your money with only hopes of success (what a gamble!), we work with a group of super-geeks who use a combination of fancy algorithms and human common sense to provide a whole new level of confidence in spending those dollars.

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All Packages Include: Access to 60+ MESA campaign themes, one high-resolution static ad, and one free "reel" 30-45 second video – both customized with client logos, calls-to-action, and free performance dashboard.

Expectations and Optional Fees: Impression guarantees per digital marketing package based on optimum date range runtime and client’s geographic populations. Requests for non-MESA theme ad creation subject to $300 per campaign, free thereafter. All add-on services must be quoted per Member based on email subscriber counts.