We are in the business of  making building improving leaving impressions.

Essentially, marketing is about storytelling. Products, services, people...they all make up parts of your story. Who? How? Why? These are the building blocks behind every campaign at Dirk Marketing. We're storytellers. And it's the story that consumers come to trust and believe.

So help us out... What's your story?

Whom Do We Service

While we offer our services to just about anybody, we have found a few categories in which we truly shine.


With marketing needs that run from reps and distributors to retailers and end users, the need to use the appropriate voice for each market segment is essential.

Buying Groups

Ranging from smaller distribution groups to larger, nationwide buying groups, we offer unique client solutions that can readily be executed in a large scale application.

Reps & Distributors

Creating marketing pieces that speak in the voice of the dealer while also using the glitz and shine of consumer messaging is the constant (but welcome) challenge.

Independent Retailers

Whether the intention is sales or education, marketing to the final end user offers great latitude while requiring a thorough understanding of the market.


When the goals of a client are especially close to the heart it is important to balance professionalism with compassion.

Industries of Expertise

We welcome the chance to work in any industry, but our areas of expertise include: consumer electronics, car audio (12-volt), music retailers, and clothing merchandising.

Commitment to Evolving Marketing Practices

The rate of change has never been faster, regardless the industry. No more can a company place an ad or blast out a single email and expect instant (if any) results. Consumers have become incredibly advanced in their shopping/learning practices — we must take these new habits into account! Social media, responsive websites, emails optimized for mobile delivery, app creation...

At Dirk Marketing, we see the growth of social media, email, and digital marketing unveiling new opportunities to embrace, not avoid for fear of mistakes.

Proven and Upcoming Marketing Practices

Email Campaign
Best ROI
Landing Page Creation
Vital for Digital Marketing
Print (Brochures, Ads, Flyers)
Social Media
Highly Subjective
Video Content
⇑ Fun and Creative
Digital Marketing
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