The Impressions We Can Make for You

Service options at Dirk Marketing include everything you would expect to find at a marketing firm, but there are a few things we do especially well for clients.

We work closely with our clients through every project, making sure each service is carried out from start to finish. We will coordinate directly with print houses, magazine editors, facility managers, etc. We eliminate these distractions so you can remain focused on your business.

Email Marketing

Whether your goal is immediate product purchase or longterm relationship-building, email marketing gives you the best and most efficient voice to make that happen.

Email campaigns should reinforce your brand and identity, matching closely all your other marketing efforts. Accomplishing this, however, is not as easy as it seems — making sure your email layout is deliverable and avoids the dreaded SPAM junkmail folder is where we come in. Click here for pricing information on monthly email service subscription.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is part of our daily lives. From the wrapper of that candy bar you just ate to the logo on your shirt, 99% of consumer goods have been massaged in some way by a graphic designer.

Dirk Marketing strategically employs a mixture of images and typography in graphic designs, varying the balance between the two depending on message and audience.

Brand Collateral

Why is branding so important? Because without a brand, there is no differentiation, and without differentiation there is no long-term profitability. Most importantly, brands outlive products.

Customers don't have relationships with products, but they are loyal to brands. Where products are one-dimensional in a social media-enabled world, brands are Russian dolls with many layers, tenets and beliefs.

From posters to postcards, sellsheets to catalogs, no project is too small or too large for our team.


Effective advertising tells a compelling story, evokes emotion and clearly states an intended message. Leave out any of those three elements, and ads tend to fall flat or leave the audience without a clear call to action. This is true of all advertising — television, radio, internet and print.

Print advertising has been around a long, long time. Full-page ads, small space ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, ads in the local newsletter... Print ads are everywhere and show no sign of decline even in today's internet-driven market. Why? Print is a medium that works.

Web Development

Website development is about much more than slapping some stock photos on a page next to some catchy lingo. It includes some of the most complex internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.

Studies show that people form impressions about your company when visiting your website in less than a second. Get the most out of every second! We provide clients with an assortment of guidance and options when designing and developing a website, from hosting the site itself to integrated e-commerce solutions.

Business & Marketing Consulting

Sometimes owning a business keeps you so busy working that you don't have the time for planning. That's where we come in.

Collaborating with clients from all aspects of the fulfillment chain (manufacturers, distributors, custom integrators, retailers) has provided us a great deal of successful experience to call on in planning custom marketing strategies.

Full List of Dirk Marketing Services


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Digital Marketing


Layout & Copywriting

Sell Sheets

Graphic Design

Logo Creation

Image Enhancement

Business Cards & Letterhead

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